Road map

April 2018
Alpha release
Zeon first Release based on cryptonote
May 2018
Beta release
Beta test for Zeon Network
June 2018
Add Masternode
One Level masternode
July 2018
Masternode 3 Levels
Add Masternode
3 Levels of Masternodes
Masternode Light
Masternode Medium
Masternode Full
August 2018
Algo Change
New mining algorithm
Implementation of Hex algo
Asic resistant
September 2018
Test Zeon Network
Test algorithm
Test Network
Release windows Qt wallet
October 2018
Go Live
Zeon Network is live ...
Come on Board
Windows 32 bits Release
Ubuntu 18.04 Release
Ubuntu 16.04 Release
Windows 64 bits Release
November 2018
Zeon exchange site building
Design of ZEON Exchange main site
ZEON exchange Exchange Crypto for Zeon
BTC exchange Exchange Zeon for BTC
December 2018
Go On Exchange
Zeon main site

Exchanges :
Zeon listed on

Design of ZEON Main Site
From the Launch of Zeon to End November
Contact Listing sites for trading Zeon
For Miners and Masternodes need ...
January 2019
Happy new year !

Your proposals are Welcome
zeonmymail (at)
February 2019
Lisitng on MN monitoring services

Masternodes are great way to invest in ZEON :
Contact Masternodes monitoring and sharing services.
Zeon is Hex minable until block 777000
March 2019
More wallets

Release of a paper wallet for safety.
Release of a web wallet for easy use case.
Release of a Mac Os wallet.
April 2019
Security Audit

We need to be sure Zeon Network is safe :
Contact White hat for auditing Zeon Network
To be Continued
More and more

More and more fun :
This is ZEON Network .....