Coin Voting

We're always looking to add new markets for the best altcoins, and to help us with this we'd like to ask you to vote on what you'd like to see offered at Zeon Exchange.

Below is a list of coins that we're considering adding. Please vote for your chosen coin below. Every user is limited to 5 (five) votes per day.

We're also accepting payment votes! We've put a lot of time making the exchange. Each 0.1 ZEON received will count for 1 vote. All payment votes will be publicly visible, as you can see by clicking the addresses below. Payment votes are automatically credited every 15 minutes after 1 network confirm.

Although the majority of new markets will come from the voting system, we reserve the right to add new markets outside of the system where we feel necessary. Have a new coin that isn't on the list? Please contact us at zeonmymail [@] and we'll get the coin added.

Coin code Coin name ZEON payment address Votes
D Denarius ZTUhUvbUyPTCH2z6quFjDqNJka7d1zSCif 71
KONJ KonjCoin ZXNLkGjzfFfWw2mPhvCcqd6H9JfD7PL1pT 34
MON MoneyByte ZMJoEmQHDdAJM48RnD5irv2hLv3MArrUPo 42
DGB DigiByte ZXSn74frPM5T5Vq4mUwz2vQxecx8uyCYrV 16
DRVF DraviteFlex ZFfKw3F566YvYZiRrhgzoxNVuXPq6KVqqs 25
SWAMP Swamp Coin ZXqAuAz4DbeMLhdoD5ZKgghoVJY1e1KN6N 89